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Cottage Cheese Steak with Pesto n Stir Fry Veggies in Home made Sauce

Very interesting  assemble of healthy ingredients – Cottage cheese, vegetables and basil pesto… a great option for vegetarians. These steaks are easy to make with available ingredients. I used home made basil pesto (we can also use ready bottled one) and combined it with stir fry veggies. Cottage cheese steaks with vegetables is quite filling, it can be served as a main course or cut them into small pieces to enjoy it as a starter. Continue reading Cottage Cheese Steak with Pesto n Stir Fry Veggies in Home made Sauce

Grilled Cottage Cheese & Vegetable Triangles

My experiments involving cottage cheese is never ending. This one I tried is very easy and no fuss recipe. I grilled cottage cheese slices  and sandwiched it with stir fried vegetables.  Top it with any sauce of our choice for extra zesty flavor.

Grilled Cottage Cheese N Vegetable Triangles is rich in protein and makes excellent breakfast option. It can also be served as an appetizer or as a main course, just add a scoop of mashed potato or french fries to complete the platter. Continue reading Grilled Cottage Cheese & Vegetable Triangles

Grilled Zucchini & Bell Pepper Salad

Very interesting, colourful hot salad made with my favourite vegetable zucchini with yogurt marinade. It is simple, easy and fast to cook. We can grill it in tandoor, in electric oven or toss these veggies in large skillet. Cook either way, taste will remain same because of marinade and herbs.

Serve on it’s own as a salad or roll up these colourful grilled vegetables in tortilla wraps with chopped onions and any dressing of choice. Continue reading Grilled Zucchini & Bell Pepper Salad

Desi Veggie Medley

This is a very interesting and easy to make recipe – just takes four simple steps. Quick to cook when you’re in a rush and with whatever is available in the kitchen. I didn’t have much choice of vegetable that day but for baby corn, spring onion and capsicum. Tomatoes and cottage cheese are always there in my kitchen as I find them very handy. In this recipe, I practically cooked all the ingredients together.

Desi Veggie Medley goes well with roomali roti or any Indian bread. Or, just make it little dry, roll it up like a tortilla wrap with onions and any sauce of your choice. Continue reading Desi Veggie Medley

Steamed Bajra & Jowar Muthia

Muthia is a very popular Indian snack, very common with our Gujarati friends. It is a steamed preparation traditionally made with whole wheat flour and vegetables. I tried making them using Bajra & Jowar flour (pearl millet & barley or white millet flour). Added lauki as a vegetable and some Indian spices. I was worried about the texture, taste and the right softness of Muthias ….but it turned out really good. It is a wholesome, healthy snack, can be enjoyed any time of the day. We can use any vegetables of our choice. I have mentioned options in my Tips & Tricks section. Continue reading Steamed Bajra & Jowar Muthia

Steamed Cottage Cheese & Spinach Dumplings with Zesty Tomato puree

Theses dumplings are similar to Paneer or Cottage Cheese Kofta. Koftas are very popular as an Indian main course but, unfortunately, they are generally deep-fried. I’ve tried to make it healthier by steaming them with the same ingredients. It turned out quiet tasty and is much easier to make. I added spinach to simply make it more nutritive and colourful. It can be served with chapatis, nan or any Indian bread. Continue reading Steamed Cottage Cheese & Spinach Dumplings with Zesty Tomato puree