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Cottage Cheese Slider with Vegetables

Hello friends…It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I was travelling; went to my favourite destinations in the Himalayas – Rishikesh & Mussoorie. Beautiful, divine destinations, feel like going and again. in fact, this was my second trip in the last 3 years. I love their local cuisine which involves many local ingredients which I am going to share later.

I will start with my favourite recipe – Cottage cheese slider…a easy & healthy starter. It’s main ingredients are cottage cheese and curd,  which are rich source of proteins. So if you  want to increase your protein intake then try this one. Add vegetables of your choice to make it a perfect healthy appetizer. Continue reading Cottage Cheese Slider with Vegetables

Tender Okra & Baby CornVegetable

Tender Okra & Baby Corn vegetable is actually very simple and easy to make dry vegetable. Okra, popularly known as Bhindi or Lady finger in India is cooked practically in every house simply being favorite vegetable of all the age group. Baby corn remains  crispy even after cooking,combines well with Bhindi. I tried this combination and it turned out tasty. Although dry, but this tangy vegetable goes well with chapati, nan, parantha or any Indian bread. Or just roll it in chapati, add raw onion and any sauce to make it more interesting. Continue reading Tender Okra & Baby CornVegetable