Me & My Inspiration

Hi. I’m Neena.

I’m a modern-day Indian housewife. Married for over 40 years now, I’ve done my best over these years to juggle a career, pursue my hobbies in art (I love to paint!) and music (I once played the Sitar) and take the best care of my family and home.

While I enjoy cooking, I am by no means a “master chef”…who has time to become a “master” these days?! I love my family and love to feed them well. But amidst all the craziness of an average day, our meals have to be simple, healthy and flavourful.

Over the years, I have explored new cooking methods, experimented with new recipes and even resurrected some classics. But I didn’t do it by myself. I have been lucky enough to have a mother, a mother-in-law and a lifetime of living in a joint family environment to guide me, inspire me and help develop my own style of cooking.

I grew up observing my mother in the kitchen while she experimented with new recipes. She had an art for using leftovers in some very unique ways – a chutney from spinach, cutlets from leftover vegetables and shredding “rotis” into a quick, spicy snack. I played the role of a reluctant assistant but, today, look back and cherish those moments. In contrast, my mother-in-law is an old-fashioned cook. She cooks from the heart and follows more elaborate techniques; nothing is half-baked and each dish is consistently perfect.

My cooking style has evolved by taking the best of both worlds.

When my son left to pursue his studies, I compiled a book of recipes for him that covered his favourite foods and other essentials using only simple, everyday ingredients and easy to follows steps. It was an instant hit! He loved it, and so did his friends there. 

And that gave birth to an idea! Why not share my culinary wisdom further?

My Curry FixIt is my hope that “My Curry Fix” serves as an easy guide to the younger generation no matter where they find themselves — studying abroad, an internship away from home, their first apartment, or even a back-packing trip with friends. 

Even if you’re not part of the above demographic, I hope you find my blog just as informative and enlightening.