Cooking Basics

About my cooking

My recipes aim to present a simplified alternative to the traditional way of Indian cooking.
They are quick and easy to cook and, as far as possible, do not compromise on taste. I’ve tried to keep all recipes limited to a few steps.

  1. Quantity/ Serving Size: Most recipes are keeping 2 person in mind. When cooking for more, simply increase quantities proportionately.
  2. Measurement: I have used a cup measurement instead of Lbs, Kgs or Gms simply because it is conveniently available. A standard cup is equal to 220 ML (7 oz)
  3. Oil/ Butter: All my preparations can be cooked in variety of everyday cooking oils. For extra flavour, I sometimes add a dollop of butter or ghee once the food is cooked or just before serving.
  4. Cooking Utensil/ Vessel: As far as possible, I have tried to use only one vessel/ container in most of my recipes to help keep dish-washing to a minimum.
    • Pressure Cooker – For beginners, or if you’re in a hurry to put something together, a pressure cooker (with whistle) makes work fast and easy. It doesn’t require constant monitoring, your cooking time is standard and you end up using 1 utensil end-to-end. Importantly, the food is healthier as most nutrients remain intact.
  5. Spices (“Masala”): Authentic Indian cuisine is most renowned for the variety of spices used. In my recipes, however, I have chosen to work with only a few spices to simplify the process. Although all spices are important for that additional burst of flavour, we can most certainly cook delicious food without including them.
    • Fresh Ginger and Chillies do enhance the flavour and health quotient of a dish but my recipes note them as “optional” due to personal preferences and it’s availability in the kitchen.
  6. Rice: I prefer using Basmati rice. It is white in colour, has long grains and a distinct flavour.
  7. Tomato: Use ordinary tomatoes that are fresh and firm. Else, just use tomato purée.
  8. Potato: The all-purpose variety (Golden and Yellow potato) is most suitable for Indian cuisine.
  9. Onions: Red or Spanish onions go best with these recipes.
  10. Chillies: The Serrano green chillies are most suitable for Indian recipes.
  11. Vegetables: can be fresh cuts or frozen.


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